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Details I-love-you-ASL-sign-language-watercolor-sign-language-I-love-you-American-Sign-Langu-Throw-Pillow

Super soft and durable 100% spun polyester Throw pillow with double-sided print. Cover and filled options. I love you ASL sign language, watercolor sign language, love sign language, watercolor i love you, I love you American Sign Language, love art,...

40,65 EUR*
Details Practical-GameMaker-Studio-Language-Projects

Practical GameMaker: Studio: Language ProjectsUntertitel: Language Projects Einbandart: Taschenbuch Isbn-13: 9781484223727 Verlag: ApressAuthor: Ben TyersVeröffentlichungsdatum: 2016Sprache: Englisch

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Details Language-Learners-Journal-Notizbuch

Hochwertiges Hardcover Notizbuch mit Rundumdruck. 128 Seiten. Liniert, gerastert oder blanko. Language Learners Journal is dedicated to mindfully empowering independent learning.. Design & Illustration & Digitale Kunst. Von LearnersJournal. language...

11,52 EUR*
Details Sprachlern-Liste-Spiralblcke

Spiralblöcke mit hochwertigem Rand-zu-Rand-Druck auf der Vorderseite. 120 Seiten. Liniertes oder gerastertes Papier. Von UnderwaterSky. language learning, gifts for language learners, gifts for language nerds, ampersand, foreign language, language nerd

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Details Hal-Leonard-Benny-Greb-The-Language-Of

Hal Leonard Benny Greb The Language Of, Benny Greb The Language Of Drumming Book, A System for Musical Expression, Benny Greb präsentiert mit dem The language of Drumming Book ein umfassendes pädagogisches Konzept,bei dem es ganz klar um die Freiheit...

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Details Zu-viele-Sprachen-Tasse

325ml Keramikbecher mit Rundumdruck. Verfügbar in zwei Größen und Formen. Spülmaschinenfest. Von UnderwaterSky. language learning, foreign languages, travel, language learner, so many languages, so little time, too little time, language nerd, gifts for...

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Details Language-Conversation-single-Tasse

325ml Keramikbecher mit Rundumdruck. Verfügbar in zwei Größen und Formen. Spülmaschinenfest. About {Language} Conversation Groups See also: Language Conversation pattern for pattern design or invers + single or invers + pattern for white font. Design &...

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Details MS-Open-NL-SQL-Svr-Standard-SA-Single-language-228-04560

MS Open-NL SQL Svr Standard SA Single language (228-04560)

1600,68 EUR*
Details Open-nl-exchange-server-standard-single-language-licsa-312-02201

Open-nl exchange server standard single language lic/sa (312-02201)

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Details Programming-Languages-and-Systems-Taschenbuch

Erscheinungsdatum: 16.03.2006 Medium: Taschenbuch Einband: Kartoniert / Broschiert Titel: Programming Languages and Systems Titelzusatz: 15th European Symposium on Programming, Esop 2006 Auflage: 2006 // 2006. 2006 Redaktion: Sestoft, Peter Verlag:

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Details Natural-Language-Processing-Ijcnlp-2005-Taschenbuch

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.09.2005 Medium: Taschenbuch Einband: Kartoniert / Broschiert Titel: Natural Language Processing -- Ijcnlp 2005 Titelzusatz: Second International Joint Conference, Jeju Island, Korea, October 11-13, 2005, Proceedings Auflage: 1.

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Details An-Index-to-Dr-Williams-Syllabic-Dictionary-of-the-Chinese-Language

An Index to Dr. Williams' Syllabic Dictionary of the Chinese Language is an unchanged, high-quality reprint of the original edition of 1879. Hansebooks is editor of the literature on different topic areas such as research and science, travel and...

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Details Silver-Care-Language-Cleaner-Gel-25ml

Silver Care TONGUE CLEANER the bacterial flora present on the surface of the tongue often has a proliferation of the same. Excess bacteria, in contact with saliva, cause halitosis, plaque and etartaro. The extra-soft and elastic fiber of the bristles...

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Details Taking-a-Poststructuralist-Perspective-on-Language-and-Gender

This book deals with conversational styles in all-male and all-female groups. The aim and scope of this study is to analyze conversations of single-sex and mixed-sex interactions with respect to conversational styles within the postmodern framework....

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Details Critical-Discourse-Analysis-of-Alice-Munros-short-stories

Applying Critical Discourse Analysis for investigating the hidden ideology in the language and discourse is a useful devise. The present study is an effort for discovering the relationship between language and ideology entail in translation and for...

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Details Metonymy-in-Arabic-and-Translating-Metonymic-Expressions-into-English

The book investigates a significant and tricky figure of speech widely employed by language users to accomplish a large number of purposes. Metonymy in Arabic is so complicated that it may pass easily to a language user with no awareness on his/her...

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CN75/Numeric/EA30 Imager/ Camera/ 802.11abgn/Bluetooth/GSM/GPS/WEH6.5, Multi-Language/No Client Pack/Std Temp/ETSI und World Wide.

1689,74 EUR*

CK75/ A lphanumeric / EX25 Near Far Imager / Camera / 802.11abgn/ Bluetooth / WEH6.5 Multi Language / Client Pack / Std Temp / ETSI und World Wide.

1176,02 EUR*

CK3XA, 1 GHz / Alphanumeric Keypad, EX25 2D Near-Far Area Imager, 802.11 a/b/g/n - all markets, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 Language Provisioning, Standard Software.

1270,23 EUR*

CK3XA, 1 GHz / Numeric-Function Keypad, EA30 2D Area Imager, 802.11 a/b/g/n - all markets, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 Language Provisioning, Standard Software + Intermec Client Pack (ICP).

50,39 EUR*
Details Bodyform-Appar-Aerosounder

Bodyform ULTRASION EQUIPMENT Indications: For aerosol therapy. Features: Medical device. High spraying speed. Silent. Instructions in 12 languages. Storage: Temperature: 0 ? C - 45 ? C. Format: The package contains: - pediatric masks; - adult mask; -...

600,93 EUR*
Details ZQ510-MOBILE-PRINTER-203dpi

3"" Mobile Printer, USB, Dual Radio, Active NFC, USB, Passive NFC, QR Code, Belt Clip, Software und UserDocumentation CD, CPCL Programming Language with ZPL/XML support, MFi certification and LCD Display.

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Details Grammatical-Error-Correction

A large part of the world's population regularly needs to communicate in English, even though English is not their native language. The goal of automatic grammatical error correction is to build computer programs that can provide automatic feedback...

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Details Alfred-Music-Publishing-The-Brush-Revolution

Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, The Brush Revolution, How to Evolve Your Language to Musicianship, von Florian Alexandru-Zorn, Diese DVD beinhaltet Spieltechniken, die sowohl für den Anfänger, als auch für den fortgeschrittenen Schlagzeuger beidermaßen...

39,58 EUR*

Just like body language, visual contact is a primary means of communication, capable of transmitting messages beyond what we say. From 30 to 60 years, the aging of the skin in the area around the eyes is likely to impact on this non-verbal expression:...

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Details Hal-Leonard-Guitar-Chord-Songbook-Queen

Hal Leonard Guitar Chord Songbook Queen, Guitar Chord Songbook Queen, Songs: Another One Bites The Dust, Bicycle Race, Bohemian Language, Don`t Stop me Now, Flash Theme (Flash), I Want It All, I Want To Break Free, A Kind Of magic, The Miracle, Play...

59,42 EUR*
Details Tiny-Love-Soothen-Groove-Mobile-TM-Mobile-For-Children

Tiny Love Tiny Princess Soothe'n Groove Mobile (TM) Mobile For Children This Tiny Princess Soothe'n Groove mobile by Tiny Love is an adorable and functional toy suitable for your child. It has a unique design and will help the child develop language,...

28,74 EUR*
Details Tiny-Love-Take-Along-Mobile-Meadow-Days-Musical-Mobile-For-Children-6-Months-1-Piece

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Meadow Days Musical Mobile For Children 6 Months Carry out the development of your child's senses, language and communication skills and emotional intelligence (EQ). Little pioneers relax your child and help them relax at...